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Two herds, one family, and a common goal. With a passion that started as a 4-H project, Frank Cattle Company was formed in 2012 and represents the Black Angus portion of our operation. Following suit in 2016 our Red Angus herd was started and operates under the name of Frank Family Genetics.
While we may be relatively new to the purebred sector of the beef cattle industry, agriculture runs deep in our family history. Since homesteading near the small town of Milliken, CO, our family has always made a living off the land. From those roots our love for both row crop production and the cattle business has grown. With some of the most productive soils in the region, our family still enjoys growing sugar beets and corn just as our ancestors did before us. As our family has expanded so has our operation, which has led us to the plains of Eastern CO and Western NE which serves as home to our cowherd along with Dustin and Kendra.

More than a hobby, our Red and Black Angus cattle have become an integral part of what we do. As we have grown our herd to nearly 400 cows, maternal value is the foundation of our breeding philosophy. In our mind there is nothing that can help the profitability of a herd more than the strength of a good uddered and easy keeping Angus cow. Our number one goal is to bring that type of dependability to our customers through adapting our cows to our semi-arid and rugged environment.

Aside from the business end of things, we love being involved in the industry. From seeing many friends and colleagues at different events and sales throughout the year to displaying our genetics at various shows, there’s no part of the business we don’t enjoy. On top of that, we couldn’t think of a better way to spend time with our own family. Tending to our farms and cattle alongside one another is our idea of paradise. It also serves as the best way to raise the next generation that will someday take over for us.

What Makes Us Different

Our multi breed program is something unique that sets us apart from our competitors. Not only do we feel there is a great deal of genetic merit in both our Black and Red Angus programs, but we know there is great opportunity in capturing the heterosis that can be shared between them. Perhaps the best part of using a crossbreeding rotation between both Black and Red is the maternal strength that will be realized in the resulting females.

Much like the genetic diversity of our herd, each member of our team plays a vital role in our success. Our crew on the Front Range of Colorado Consists of Roger, Ron, Kara, Derek, Lance, Jeremy and Michelle. Collectively, they focus on developing our sale cattle and replacement females at our grow yard located 5 miles south of Johnstown, CO. Along with their roles within the cattle operation, they also help take care of the family farm. In Chappell, Nebraska, Dustin and Kendra run the majority of the cow herd along with focusing on the marketing and promotional side of the business. Our large family provides us with the manpower to accomplish many things along with a variety of perspectives that aid in our success.


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